The Collector’s Weekend is an art selling event specifically created for Art Collectors, the Business sector, Patrons and Art enthusiasts aspiring to become Art Collectors.

This exclusive event, which is by invitation only, and organized in different cities, is meant to connect art buyers with a diverse range of emerging and established artists through curated exhibitions, of Contemporary Art, Performing Arts and Design,

in a way that offers art buyers direct access to great works of art while at the same time giving artists new ways to tell their stories,

The Collector’s Weekend is set up in a way that creates the possibility to have access to great works of art directly from the studios and presented through a curated exhibition.

The First Collector’s Weekend Arnhem will take place at: Villa Sonsbeek on the 19th of May 2019.

Why Collector’s Weekend Arnhem?

The idea to organise a Collector’s Weekend Arnhem, as a first step in preparing for an international Art fair in Arnhem came as a result of a dialogue between Artist, Art Collector, and Independent Curator Sithabile Mlotshwa and 3 incredible women;

• Marianne van de Biezenbos owner of ModeHuis Mar who for a while now has been concerned about the missing soul of the city of Arnhem. In her conversations with Sithabile, she spoke about the negative effect of no longer having the Bijenkorf on local Business, the need for diversity in visitors to Arnhem, vital for the lifeblood of the city and local shops and the importance of having vibrant Creative Hubs & Contemporary Art galleries in the city centre that would stimulate a new flow of visitors.

• Jeanne Tamo working for the Gemeente Arnhem, passionate about Opera and Contemporary Art began conversations with S’thabile regarding Art collecting and a need to have contemporary art galleries in Arnhem as a means to promote the City of Arnhem through Culture. She began introducing Sithabile to different people that would strengthen the idea to realise an International Art Fair in Arnhem and a Collector’s Weekend. Aside from this, Jeanne also played a major role in looking for venues that would be suitable for these events.

• Lizzy Thijsen from Sois Belle, with an interest in the arts asked Sithabile if there was a possibility to organise or attend exhibition openings that would give people she knew with an interest in art and art collecting the opportunity to buy art. Through this and other inspirational exchanges, an idea was born to organise a Collector’s Weekend in Arnhem. 

It is thanks to the dialogues with these three incredible and passionate women, that a strong foundation was laid to organize not only the Collector’s Weekend Arnhem but to also prepare through this event, for a major first international Art Fair in Arnhem that will present the best of Contemporary Art and Design from the Gelderland region and the Netherlands, while at the same time bringing the international to Arnhem.